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Mar 1 2019
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Hey everybody ... its been so long since I have posted here, I just want to let you know I am still alive and well, and still playing music in Okinawa, Japan.

Have some new songs coming along and maybe, someday soon, will get back into a studio mode. Until then you can find all of my
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General Overview
Venue: Cafe Terrace NIRAI
Date: Aug 12 2007
Time: 7:00PM
Website: http://www.niraicafe.com/
Phone: 098-926-5150
Venue Info
Address: 15-58-1-R Minato Chatan-Cho
City: Chatan-Cho Okinawa
Zip Code: 904-0114
Country: JAPAN
Misc. Info
Cover Charge: 300 Yen Live Tax
Age Requirement: 20+
Press: KLUSO Akoustic -- Kluso in another appearance at Cafe Terrance Nirai along with BotE partner DOUG ESTERLINE. This is another cozy cafe/bar with a great picture window view of the seawall/ocean area.
NIRAI is joining Bay Side Club in promoting live acoustic music without an extreme cover charge (live/table tax is only 200 - 300 yen per person)... so, you can enjoy an evening out with great food and drinks that includes live music -- this is a BotE Productions event.
Directions: Please see NIRAI's web page on my links page.
Or, take the turn off Hwy 58 just past/before Hwy 23 intersection (where you would turn to go to Moss Burger)
Take the road toward the seawall and make the last left before the seawall. Travel down to the end/T and turn right. NIRAI is on the right just before the road turns 90 right to follow the seawall (just before the music school).
Other: BotE Productions is starting up again in Okinawa. Our philosophy is to bring more live music to the people in comfortable cafe/bar atmosphere (at little or not cost to the customer).
This is a partnership between you (the customer) the club/business, and the artists. Please come join us.
  Young Hard Red Spot

Determination / Kluso aKoustic