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Hey everybody ... its been so long since I have posted here, I just want to let you know I am still alive and well, and still playing music in Okinawa, Japan.

Have some new songs coming along and maybe, someday soon, will get back into a studio mode. Until then you can find all of my
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Ahh! Kapella
None -- Instrumental
Short Song Description:
Comtemplative, relaxing dual classical acoustic guitar instrumental
Long Song Description:
Providing the artists "voice" through the guitars instead his actual voice/words -- Ahh! Kapella as a title is a juxtapositon of the idea voice w/o music -
Story Behind the Song:
I wrote the basic music line about 25 years ago -- Having left my beloved drum set at home to move off too college, I "stole" my fathers classical guitar and began to teach myself. This progression came from trying to learn some basic chord patterns and
Lyric Credits: N/A
Music Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Producer Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Publisher Credits: N/A
Performance Credits: KLUSO
Label Credits: N/A
Song Length: 1:36
Primary Genre: Classical-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Unique-General
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Instrumental
Subject Matter 1: General
Subject Matter 2: Hear, Listening, Ears
Mood 1: Relaxed
Mood 2: Tranquil
Era: 1970 - 1979
  Young Hard Red Spot

Determination / Kluso aKoustic