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Mar 1 2019
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Hey everybody ... its been so long since I have posted here, I just want to let you know I am still alive and well, and still playing music in Okinawa, Japan.

Have some new songs coming along and maybe, someday soon, will get back into a studio mode. Until then you can find all of my
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Turn Me Off
TURN ME OFF - music and lyrics by Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini Ac 2008

Turn me off Turn me down ...
don't watch my face ... don't make another sound
there's beggars here and liars there
Asking for your precious time like we really care

Turn me off abandon fear
Make up your own mind not based on what your hear
Mind your "P"s when you plant your "Q"s Its always
someone else's reverence that we abuse
Don't begrudge me Don't begrudge me Don't begrudge me Don't begrudge me
(hurry up and sell hurry up and sell hurry up and sellhurry up and sell)
Don't begrudge me when you can turn me off

Turn me off turn away
try and not to listen to another word I say
Mine your mind mind your deeds and I'll (we'll)
Try and not to insult your sensibilities

Turn me off don't talk to me no matter what you say there's no one here to disagree
so why don't you
Get out there and meet someone you know is real
And seek the middle way and ask them how they feel
Don't begrudge me Don't begrudge me Don't begrudge me Don't begrudge me
(hurry up and sell hurry up and sell hurry up and sell hurry up and sell)
Don't begrudge me just learn to turn me off
Short Song Description:
Turn off the T.V., put down the computer mouse, and get out and talk to real people
Long Song Description:
Mass media, the internet, email, blogs, etc...have clouded our perceptions and allowed us to cling to false ideals and ideas .. I got amused (and frustrated) watching people arguing directly to the television talking heads (like they could really hear us)
Story Behind the Song:
The drone of negativity from media and politicians during this last election just got to be too much .. so here ya go.
Lyric Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Music Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Producer Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Publisher Credits: n/a
Performance Credits: KLUSO
Label Credits: BotE Productions
Song Length: 4:30
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: News
Subject Matter 2: Disgust
Mood 1: Distressed
Similar Artist 1: David Gray
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later
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