Young Hard Red Spot

Young Hard Red Spot ... once again an iconic Bill Anders photo inspires and sets the direction for another project.

This 3'd compilation of KLUSO originals spans seven years of songwriting, performing, and recording and taking the songwriter-singer from Tokyo, back home to Okinawa, Nashville, and back again.
The project title and photo is a perfect fit for the vision KLUSO had for this project, which was to return to his pop-rock roots, incorporating all things earned and learned through experience in music and life.

Taking a chapter from his childhood passion for the rock n' roll and pop legends of the 60's, blending in his current influences, and discovering his own voice and melodies, KLUSO's latest project is really adult rock for Baby Boomers, although others can surely connect and enjoy also.

Just like the brick wall, KLUSO may be "old", but he can still Rock n' Roll!

Many people to thank listed below in the credits, and along with appreciation for family, friends', and fans' continued support and patience.
We hope you enjoy.
good fortune and peace.
Kluso / BotE Productions

Kluso - vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
Gage Boecker - bass
John Root - drums and percussion
Al Babyok - keyboards and synth
Kurt Baumer - fiddle (on Mr Jack)
Terry Wendt - synth and percussion
Arisa Mutou - duet vocals (on Someday Soon)
Toshihito Tsushima - lead guitar (on Poorly Read, and Settled [bonus track])

Recorded at:
BotE Productions, (Richard Tollini producer), Uruma City, Okinawa Japan
WMI (Terry Wendt producer), Nashville, Tennessee
Agarihama Studio (Susumu Iguchi producer/vocal tracks), Agarihama, Okinawa Japan
Mixed at BotE Productions (Richard Tollini producer), Uruma City, Okinawa Japan
Mastered by SoundLab / DiscMakers

CD cover photo - Young Hard Red Spot - © Bill Anders - www.billandersphoto.com
Inside cover - Kluso mug shot - © Chris Willson - www.travel67.com

Young Hard Red Spot © ? 2013 / All rights reserved.

1: The Big Lie
2: A Little Lovin"
3: Calaveras
4: Mr. JACK
5: Poorly Read
6: Hard To Be Here
7: Falling
8: Settled (Never Give Up)
9: Someday Soon (Blue Skies)
10: Time (How Many Miles)
11: This World (of Anger)
12: Memories