IF you would like to see KLUSO or another outstanding local singer-songwriter artist in a comfortable and relaxed venue but don't want to hassle with the parking, crowds, smoke, cab rides (or drunks)?

then... how 'bout hosting YOUR own CONCERT in your HOME -

BotE Live Okinawa introduces HOME CONCERTS -- its easy and affordable. Here are a few details.

The idea is to "host" a concert for one our artists - your home becomes the venue, and YOU become the concert "Promoter".

The artist will arrive completely equipped to produce a 2 - 3 hour concert in your home.

Cost is somewhat negotiable, but solo artists will normally expect about $150 (or 15,000 Yen) for this type show (duo or larger acts will be more). As the host (or promoter) you may choose to recoup this by asking for "donations" from your guests but this totally up to the host. Hosts are normally expected to invite your guests and also to provide refreshments.

The artist will use this venue as an opportunity (first most) to entertain your guests, but also in order to provide more exposure for his/her original music.

KLUSO & BotE Productions will be happy to assist you in finding the best act or artist to fit your needs.


IF you are interested -- please use the "contact" page or email to klusot@aol.com or klusot@ezweb.ne.jp (for cell phone users), or 090-1942-1066 for more information.