Date: May 12 2006
Time: 6:00PM
Venue: ACOUSTIC LIVE - Kluso/Hirkophone/Makiko - Yokota Officer's Club
Address: Yokota Air Base
City: Fussa-Yokota Air Base
Zip Code:
Country: JAPAN
Web Site: https://www.yokota.af.mil
Cover Charge: None
Age Requirement: 21+ in bar
Press: KLUSO acoustic performance along with friends /fellow singer-songwriters HIROKOPHONE and MAKIKO NISHIZATO in the Samurai Lounge.
KLUSO and HIROKO and MAKIKO-san will each play one set. Other "guests" may join in --
Directions: Yokota Air Base is in west Tokyo - between the towns of Fussa and Musashi Muraiyama - Hwy 16 and Hwy 7 --
You must have a DoD ID or escort to enter the base.
Other: Yokota Officer's Club Samurai Lounge offers Happy Hour with free food starting at 4:30pm -- Show starts at 6pm - 9pm