SInce You Been Gone
SINCE YOU BEEN GONE by Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini © 2004
(1st Verse)
Mornings just don?t seem the same the sun it don?t shine like it used to
and I don?t believe I?m gonna go insane (but I just might be a little crazy) Yes its true
Now I just might have to leave here Alone
Cuz I can?s seem to get rid of this fever for so long
I grew up in this town as boy but its not my home
Seems like forever and a day?.since you been gone
(2nd Verse)
Coffee it don?t taste the same Without your smile and a little sugar
An? I try my best to make it through the day But my friends?they all see the difference
Now I don?t to pull out and leave here Alone
But I find myself falling even deeper into a hole
an? I realize you?re so far away from your home
and it seems like forever and a day?.since you been gone
Now I don?t know how I?m gonna reach you
But tomorrow is sure to come
So I?ll find a place where I think I might meet you
And wait for you to come along ?cuz I know you?re sure to come along
Seems like forever (and a day) since you been gone
(3d Verse)
Your face it seems to fade away like when night swallows up the sun
An? I try to hold on every day but my life always seems to take another turn
And its been so long since I hit the road alone
The old place just don?t look the same since its been sold
An? I fold up all o?our memories in a place I found in my dreams of home
and it seems like forever and a day?.since you been gone
and it seems like forever and a day?.since you been gone
Seems like forever and a day Why?d you ever have to go away
Please come back an?tell me that you?ll stay
I?m so alone
Lyrics Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Music Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Producer Credits: BOTE Productions
Publisher Credits: N/A
Performance Credits: Kluso
Label Credits: N/A
Short Song Description:
Loss, Lonliness, Depression.
Long Song Description:
This song is intended for the listener to make their own determination of exactly what /who it is about.
On the surface the words express the feelings of missing somebody who is gone. It does not really express why they are lonely or why this person is
Story Behind the Song:
This song started from a wholly different direction and inspiration.
I had a friend who was deployed to Iraq for about 9 months -- In an email to her a couple of months after she had left for Iraq I said to her "seems like forever and a day since you be
Song Length: 5:28
Primary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Country-Alternative
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Loneliness
Subject Matter 2: Sanity/Insanity
Mood 1: Depressing
Mood 2: Anxious
Similar Artist 1: Bob Dylan
Similar Artist 2: Neil Young
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later