Paradise Road
PARADISE ROAD ? lyrics and music by Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
© 2006
(1st Verse)
Sorry its been so long since I been away
I was looking for the man I used to be
When I held command of my world within easy reach
Or maybe that was only an illusion
(2d Verse)
I tried to lift you up and set you free
but how was I to know you could not stand alone
The props and stage seemed like reality
But now I know it was only an illusion
So long Paradise Road you were my beacon across the sea
But I?ve made it back to my home a sweet goodbye is all I need
Heartbreaker Cruel Faker you slid right under my scope
Faith Healer Scene Stealer if?I could only let you know
(3d Verse)
Now there was no one there watching over you
Wel?I brought you here so I must be to blame
Only now I see you were a little too much like me
Or maybe you were only an illusion
so long Paradise Road you were my beacon across the sea
and you led me back to my home how I miss your sweet melody
so g?-bye Paradise Road you were my shining light guiding me
an? I?ve made it back to my home now a last goodbye is all I need
Now its been so long since I?ve been away
But I think the man I used to be is home

Lyrics Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Music Credits: Richard C. (Kluso) Tollini
Producer Credits: Kluso
Publisher Credits: N/A
Performance Credits: Kluso
Label Credits: Kluso/BOTE Productions
Short Song Description:
Lost dreams and reflective hope
Long Song Description:
This song is about chasing your dreams, but somehow when they fail to materialize you find yourself somewhere different than you intended... back where you really belong --
I guess the idea is that our dreams are not a final destination, they are actuall
Story Behind the Song:
No specific story,,,, just life's experience (actually there is a story, but I am saving that for myself) - Listeners can insert their own experience "HERE"
Song Length: 4:35
Primary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Folk-Rock
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Hope
Subject Matter 2: Recovery
Mood 1: Poignant
Mood 2: Peaceful
Similar Artist 1: James Taylor
Similar Artist 2: Neil Young
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later