Dear Reggie - Linda's Letter
Dear Reggie (Linda's Letter)

Ohhh, moan and groan Dear Reggie Is Cleveland ever such a drag
Concrete and steel are perversions we don't need, the more convinced I am
These places are terribly unhealthy for the spirit, body and mind .
The very atmosphere is polluted with fear and People here are afraid to smile.

(Ya'know I've) Been reading the Good book lately .. about fig trees and the King with feet of clay, and I think
we're going to have a war soon, and these insults to nature will all be gone someday

When the people left over get hip, we will see the greatest age the world has ever known.
And the Machine comes to halt, No longer slaves to airplanes, cars or telephones

The Mystics call it the Aquarian age, an' Christians call it the Second Coming,
the Hopi called it The Purification, but we'll just call it a return of Loving.
And we'll discover its easier to work with nature than control it, as much as we try
We'll send our thoughts or bodies anywhere, and return to the Garden of Paradise.

It's gonna to be a bad summer for Cleveland, the riots have already started .. I fear.
Please write to me, Dear Heart. I really wish that you were here
How is your pretty girl? Can we expect some babies with big brown eyes and your smile? The
World needs them you know? And I Hope I can get out your way, Meanwhile I'll write.
You are very dear to me, oh Reggie Love, Linda
Song Length: 4:33
Primary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Subject Matter 1: Philosophy
Mood 1: Peaceful